Gearbox Housings:
Our custom gear housings are meticulously crafted to house gears and provide protection and support.  Designed with precision and built with high-quality materials, our gear housings offer excellent durability and ensure smooth and efficient gear operation.

Our planetary carriers and gear housings find wide application in industries such as heavy-duty
vehicles, construction, industrial machinery, power generation, and more.  They are essential components for achieving speed reduction, torque multiplication, and power distribution in various systems and equipment.
We understand the importance of meeting your specific requirements.  That's why we offer customization options for our planetary carriers and gear housings, including material selection, design specifications, and finishing options, to ensure they perfectly fit your application needs.
Choose Prior Gear as your trusted partner for custom OEM planetary carriers and gear housings.  With our expertise in gear manufacturing, advanced technology, and commitment to delivering tailored solutions, we are dedicated to providing you with high-quality products that precisely meet your specifications.  Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and benefit from our years of experience in serving esteemed clients in various industries.
Prior Gear

Prior Gear

Prior Gear, Founded in 2009, is a professional OEM PLANETARYGEAR CARRIERS & HOUSINGS suppliers and PLANETARYGEAR CARRIERS & HOUSINGS company, our cutting-edge production base houses a sophisticated range of 80 to 150 units of advanced machinery. This inclusive array comprises forging presses, CNC lathes, machining centers, high-speed gear hobbing machines, gear grinding machines, and specialized gear heat treatment equipment. We specialize in custom PLANETARYGEAR CARRIERS & HOUSINGS etc, Furthermore, our factory proudly holds IATF 16949 and ISO 9001 certifications, affirming our commitment to the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

lf you have a particular application you would like to discuss, please contact us.our experienced sales engineers are ready to help.

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With years of experience collaborating with exceptional enterprises like SANY and XCMG, Prior possesses the expertise to adeptly navigate every facet of the gear manufacturing process. From design inception to final delivery, we are unwavering in our commitment to fulfill your requirements and surpass your expectations at every stage of the journey.


EMAIL :   [email protected]

PHONE : +86 132 1205 7936

ADDRESS : No.1-3 Quanli Road, Feicheng Economic Area, Taian City, Shandong Province, China

Processing and Forming:
Extrusion Forming
CNC Machining
Gear Machining and Finishing:
Gear Grinding
Gear Rolling
Surface Grinding
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CNC Turning
CNC Mills & Machining Centers
Deburring Equipment
Drilling Machines
Gear Cutting Machines
Grinding Machines
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As a prominent OEM gear manufacturer committed to high-volume production, Prior thrives by nurturing a culture of ongoing innovation. Our emphasis on achieving superior quality and improved material utilization, along with cost and time savings for our clients, is exemplified by our adoption of advanced techniques like extrusion. 
Our extensive range of products includes speed reducer gears, oil gear pump gears, and gears for the construction, road transportation, mining, and agriculture industries. We have the capacity to produce over 300,000 gears monthly, including sun gears, planetary gears, ring gears, planet shafts, oil seal seats, oil pump gears, and other components
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At Prior, we offer a comprehensive range of gear engineering services to ensure precise and high-quality gear manufacturing.
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  • 2009

    Be established in

  • 3 million

    Annual output(pieces)

  • 60 +million

    Annual sales


Towards a better future with firm steps

  • 2009:

    Founded in Jinan, Shandong, China. Began small-scale automotive parts and components production and sales.

  • 2016:

    Production scale expanded and began supporting Pengxiang Automobile.

  • 2019:

    Built a new factory in Feicheng City, Tai'an City, and rebranded as Prior Gear

  • 2020:

    Provided support to Liuzhou Fangsheng Axle, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, and developed new techniques for precision gear manufacturing and precision gear ring manufacturing.

  • 2021:

    Provided support to XCMG and Hande Axle. 

  • 2022:

    Awarded the title of high-tech enterprise in Tai'an City. Achieved sales revenue of 60 million yuan.


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Industry Knowledge Expansion
Planetary gear carriers and housings are integral components of a planetary gear system. Planetary gear systems, also known as epicyclic gear systems, consist of a sun gear, planet gears, and a ring gear. The carrier and housing play important roles in supporting and enclosing these gears. Here's an overview of their functions:

1.Planetary Gear Carrier:
Support for Planet Gears: The planetary gear carrier is a central component that houses and supports the planet gears. Planet gears are mounted on pins or shafts that are part of the carrier.
Rotational Axis: The carrier rotates around the sun gear's center (sun gear is at the center of the system), allowing the planet gears to revolve around both the sun gear and their own axes. This produces the planetary gear system's characteristic motion.
Transmission of Torque: The carrier transmits torque from the planet gears to the output shaft or output gear, which is often connected to the carrier. The rotation of the carrier results in the output motion of the system.
Axial and Radial Support: The carrier provides axial and radial support to the planet gears, ensuring they remain properly meshed with both the sun gear and the ring gear.

2.Planetary Gear Housing:
Enclosure and Protection: The planetary gear housing serves as an enclosure that contains the entire planetary gear set. It protects the gears from environmental factors, contaminants, and damage.
Mounting and Attachment: The housing provides a means for mounting the planetary gear system within a machine or equipment. It often has mounting holes, flanges, or other attachment points to secure the system in place.
Lubrication and Cooling: Some planetary gear housings incorporate provisions for lubrication and cooling systems to maintain proper lubrication and dissipate heat generated during operation. Proper lubrication is essential for minimizing friction and wear.

The use of planetary gear carriers and housings in a planetary gear system is essential for efficient power transmission and protection of the gear components. Here's how to use planetary gear carriers and housings effectively:

1. Mounting and Installation:
Ensure that the planetary gear carrier is securely mounted in the desired location within your machinery or equipment. This typically involves using mounting holes, brackets, or other attachment points provided on the carrier.
Similarly, mount the planetary gear housing in a suitable location, ensuring that it encloses the entire planetary gear system.

2. Gear Assembly:
Assemble the planet gears onto their respective pins or shafts on the planetary gear carrier. Ensure that they are correctly aligned and mesh properly with both the sun gear (center gear) and the internal teeth of the ring gear (external gear).
Lubricate the planet gears and bearings, if necessary, to minimize friction and wear.

3. Output Shaft or Output Gear Connection:
Connect the output shaft or output gear to the planetary gear carrier. The output component is usually attached to the carrier, and it will rotate with the carrier as it orbits the sun gear.
Ensure that the connection is secure and that torque can be efficiently transmitted from the carrier to the output component.

4. Sealing and Protection:
Make sure that the planetary gear housing fully encloses the planetary gear system. This helps protect the gears from contaminants, debris, and environmental factors that could cause damage or reduce the system's efficiency.
Use appropriate gaskets, seals, or sealing methods to prevent lubricant leakage and maintain a clean and sealed environment within the housing.

5. Lubrication and Cooling:
If your planetary gear system includes provisions for lubrication and cooling, ensure that these systems are set up and functioning correctly. Proper lubrication is vital to minimize friction and wear, while cooling helps dissipate heat generated during operation.

6. Alignment:
Properly align the components of the planetary gear system to minimize vibration, noise, and wear. Ensure that the planet gears remain in mesh with both the sun gear and the ring gear.

7. Maintenance and Inspection:
Regularly inspect the planetary gear carriers, housings, and the entire planetary gear system for signs of wear, damage, or lubrication issues.
Replace or repair any components that show signs of wear or damage, and maintain the lubrication system as needed to ensure reliable and efficient operation.

8. Operating Considerations:
When operating the machinery or equipment with a planetary gear system, monitor performance, temperature, and any unusual noises or vibrations. These can be indicators of issues within the planetary gear system.

The proper use and maintenance of planetary gear carriers and housings are crucial for the efficient and reliable operation of the entire planetary gear system. Regular inspection and maintenance help ensure longevity and optimal performance. Additionally, following manufacturer guidelines and industry best practices specific to your application is essential for the successful use of planetary gear systems.