• CNC Turning
    1Horizontal Lathe CW6180B
    1CNC Lathe6140
    1CNC Lathe6150
    10CNC Lathe CNC 6150B/1000
    2CNC Lathe16-17
    6CNC LatheCK-360
    2Dual-channel CNC Vertical Lathe C45
  • CNC Mills & Machining Centers
    1Wire Cutting Machine Tool DK 7745
    1Machining Center VMC 500B
  • Deburring Equipment
    1oxide scale cleaning machine LTC-120-160-20
    1Bearing cleaning machine
    1Laser marking machine HTF30S
    2Gear end chamfering machine Y9440
    1Crawler type shot blasting cleaning machine Q326
    1Shot blasting cleaning machine Q
  • Drilling Machines
    1Radial drill press Z3040
    1Vertical drilling machine 35mm Z535
    1Dual-direction drilling machine AC
    1Dual-direction drilling machine STR
  • Gear Cutting Machines
    1Circular Grinding Machine
    1Horizontal Hobbing Lathe LJ6120*130
    1Horizontal Hobbing Lathe L61720
    4CNC High-Speed Vertical Gear Hobbing Machine G40  3200*2300*2750
    12CNC Gear Shaping Machine YK5150H
    1Gear Cutting Machine DF-3000HI
    1 Sawing Machine GB4028
    1CNC Sawing Machine GZK4233
    1CNC Sawing Machine GS-32/40
  • Grinding Machines
    1Cylindrical grinding machine MW1332B
    4CNC grinding machine
    1Centerless grinding machine M1080B
    1Robotic grinding machine M1080B
    1Robotic  Cross-axis CNC centerless grinding machine MK1080C-3
    6CNC high-speed form grinding machine M40
    1Surface grinding machine M7475B
    1Vertical grinding machine 250mm
  • Inspection Equipment
    1Rockwell hardness tester HR-150A
    1Rockwell hardness tester HR-150A
    1Surface roughness gauge
    1SpectrometerLabspark 750
    1Metallographic microscope XJL-03 
    1Brinell hardness tester HBV-30A
    1Gear radial runout measurement instrument 3603A
    1Gear measurement center T-600 model
  • Metallurgical
    1Four-column three-beam hydraulic press 630/250MPa
    1Four-column hydraulic press YHL32-160/1600KN
    11.5T box-type  carburizing furnace
    1Induction furnace
    1Annealing furnace
    1Microcomputer well-type nitriding furnace YF-87-99  1350*1800 
    1Carburizing furnace SX-96-165
    1Resistance furnace R.13-80-6
  • Other equipment
    2Air tank 1.0 cubic
    1Screw air compressor WNL-25A
    1Dryer FL-50HP  NID
    1Refrigerated compressed air dryer SLAD-3NF
    1screw air compressor MAM-880-50A
    1Pure water equipment
    1High-frequency machine WZP160
    1High-frequency heating equipment SSF-120A
    2Large fan
    1Monorail crane  remote control F21-E1BTX
    1Overhead crane LD2-22.5A3
  • 2009

    Be established in

  • 3 million

    Annual output(pieces)

  • 60 +million

    Annual sales


Towards a better future with firm steps

  • 2009:

    Founded in Jinan, Shandong, China. Began small-scale automotive parts and components production and sales.

  • 2016:

    Production scale expanded and began supporting Pengxiang Automobile.

  • 2019:

    Built a new factory in Feicheng City, Tai'an City, and rebranded as Prior Gear

  • 2020:

    Provided support to Liuzhou Fangsheng Axle, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, and developed new techniques for precision gear manufacturing and precision gear ring manufacturing.

  • 2021:

    Provided support to XCMG and Hande Axle. 

  • 2022:

    Awarded the title of high-tech enterprise in Tai'an City. Achieved sales revenue of 60 million yuan.